Eva Menz Chandelier Candyscape II crystal bespoke luxury yacht saloon
Candyscape II
La Belle Époque Eva Menz Design crystal chandelier monaco monte carlo penthouse
La Belle Époque
Cascade Eva Menz Design art deco classic and contemporary glass tubes alluring Murano
Crystal Ribbon Eva Menz Design Crystal Chandelier elegant spiral focal point
Crystal Ribbon
Up In The Clouds Eva Menz Design Ritz Carlton Hong Kong Porcelain design art installation chandelier
Up In The Clouds
Eva Menz Chandelier hand formed glass silvered glass
Glacial Whisper
Glacial Whisper Eva Menz Design Chandelier Crystal Glass Bespoke private residence elegant
Glacial Whisper Installation
eva menz chandelier Signature fine glass tubes tubes steel calligraphy brushed steel
eva menz design chandelier vortex crystal tension wire rectangular
Vortex Chandelier
Crystal Stellation Eva Menz Design chandelier wall light sculpture art
Crystal Stellation
eva menz design chandelier crystal candelabra vintage crystal bronze wire
Crystal Candelabra
eva menz design chandelier golden safari vintage jewellery brooches polished brass chain
Golden Safari
eva menz design chandelier little black crystal wooden snakes feathers horse hair tassel ribbon
Little Black Chandelier
eva menz design chandelier peacock love glass tubes albino feathers leather hand stitched rectangular
Peacock Love
Materials chandelier eva menz design lighting crystal glass art
EMD Studio
Eva Menz design bespoke chandeliers archive bespoke crystal
Archive 01
eva menz design chandelier ghost wood
Archive 02