Eva Menz is known for her highly detailed, one-off, large-scale suspended sculptures. In addition, she consults luxury brands and works with high-end developers to advise on spatial layouts and concepts for advanced sensory experiences.

Born and raised in Munich, now with her main base in London, Menz exhibited her first chandelier piece in 2004 in New York. With the sale of this piece, an origami chandelier, she established her studio and within 6 months made her first spatial installation – an 11 metre piece in Galway, Ireland. What followed were over 120 chandeliers, installations and event pieces installed in 40 different countries around the world.

Menz’s pieces are narrative statements. She is intrigued by the emotional impact of a space and to bring sensitivity to a place, redefining it through the presence of a sculpture. In more recent explorations she is introducing performance into her work, working with dance and theatre elements and continuing to explore heritage to increase the interaction with her pieces. She very much thrives on joining together with experts in various fields, adding ever-expanding experiments and collaboration to her wealth of experience.


Featured work in New York, Paris, Bali, Hong Kong, Nairobi, Cape Town, Algeria, Latvia, San Francisco, Ireland, Reno, Shanghai, Cologne, Monaco, Beirut, Miami, and of course London to mention but a few.


In addition to her personal practise and sculptural commissions Menz enjoys participating in think tanks and to act as a creative consultant. Her extensive experience in travel and international collaborations lends itself to contributing vital information on how individuals experience and use spaces and objects. Many personal or public spaces lack in balance, sensical layout, appropriate lighting and general sensitivity to the end-user. Menz is interested in passing on her knowledge on how to improve those aspects in the planning stages. Please contact the studio for further information.

“If you can imagine it
you can build it”