Born and raised in Munich, Eva Menz is known for her highly detailed, one-off, large-scale suspended sculptures. Operating from her London studio, Menz works and travels internationally thriving with impressions from different cultures and production opportunities globally.

The London-based studio is a small capsule with an extensive international network of workshops, suppliers and experts collected over the past 16 years. Conceiving large and often complex sculptures requires conducting an orchestra of talented artisans, makers and technicians. Menz art directs the concept and oversees the key details and execution in sync with the chosen collaborator for each project.

Menz’ main medium is suspension, capturing and discovering harmonies of natural geometry, shapes and forms. Her approach to lighting is theatrical and embracing the most natural light setting to create ever-changing visual impressions.

She is intrigued by the emotional impact of a sculpture in a space, recalibrating the sensual impressions experienced by the audience through the presence of a site specific piece. Each sculpture is a result its own thought process, narrative and context consideration.

As natural progression Menz’ appointment often extends to further spatial consulting. Enabled by her extensive travel experience and a sensitivity of spatial layouts she often joins forces with architectural and conceptual teams to help consult for spaces in hospitality, and private and public sectors.


New York, Paris, Bali, Hong Kong, Nairobi, Cape Town, Oman, Algeria, Riga, Latvia, San Francisco, Galway, Ireland, Reno, Nevada, Shanghai, Cologne, Monaco, Beirut, Miami, Merida, Mexico, Los Angeles, etc – and of course the studio’s native London.

“If you can imagine it
you can build it”