Project Description

/The Power of Fragility

This is a performance piece, revealing an suspended light source with ballet and acrobatic performers.
Most stage props somewhat are background, backdrop to a choreography. For Eva Menz her pieces have an emotional quality that can and wants to be interacted with. For the first time she approaches stage and fulfils a life long dream to bring one of her biggest passions into her work.

“For me objects can have a face, a character and somewhat of a soul. Making a sculpture part of a performance piece is the ultimate honor.”

“Step by step, pealing away a layer of material to reveal the light, then play with it.”

“Sagittis parturient a at suscipit viverra iaculis non mi mattis erat sem quam platea vivamus.”

Present Work


/Time Time is a very abstract numerical concept that we only partly comprehend. We understand it is limited in our daily lives, an experience can feel like a long period of [...]