A sculpture never exists on its own, it comes alive in connection with the space around it, together with the people who look at it, experience and remember it. Sculptures have the potential to alter and enhance our emotional connections with those spaces, giving them identity and telling their history.

The choice of materials is a consequence of the narrative of each piece, the narrative is the result of a dialogue with the commissioning party or owner of a space.

Eva Menz’s sculptural language aims to bring imagination and reality closer together, allow a sensibility, strength and fragility in a space. Observing the interplay between light and her work can be a transformative, otherworldly experience. The sculptures evidence a strong sense of materiality and theatricality, her diverse and meticulous constellations conveying both a physical presence and a dreamlike impression.

Menz’s peripatetic lifestyle is a thematic and emotional touchstone for her work. Her close relationships with the makers, artisans, technicians with whom she collaborates are intrinsic to her process. She embraces heritage materials as much as wanting to bring the magic of modern engineering and technology into use.

Large Scale work

Small Scale work

Work process