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The studio is a mobile, nomadic capsule with a base in London. It follows inspiration, research, fabrication opportunities and collaborations with other workshops. Many pieces are conceived by partnering with larger fabrication facilities many of which have been part of the operation over the past 13 years.

We believe in creating excellence by working only with the best, are open to learn, collaborate, have someone work with us or work on site if this creates the best result. Sculptures are not made by one person alone, but with an orchestra of talented artisans and expert geniuses.


At various times of the year Menz enjoys participating in think tanks and to act as a creative consultant. Her extensive experience in travel and international collaborations lends itself to contributing vital information on how individuals experience and use spaces and objects. Many personal or public spaces can benefit from improving the overall equilibrium – a sensical layout, appropriate lighting and general sensitivity to their visitors. Menz is interested in participating in how to improve those aspects in the planning stages. Please contact the studio for further information should you wish to engage such project.


How does it work? – Every piece is unique, made for the space it will inhabit. Please provide as much information about your space, project, and what experience you envisage. Eva Menz is a spatial narrator, she will utilise sculptures to tell your or a fitting story.

Please supply us with:

– Plan & section
– dimensions of the space for the sculptural context
– timeline
– budget
– geological factors such as humidity, seismic,cultural – any local information we may need
– SWL (safe working load) – how much weight we can hang according to your engineers/ architects
– visuals for the space if you have them, mood boards a representation of the interiors

Site visits will be performed if possible, a conversation in person or virtually with Eva Menz directly to discuss your vision of the space and sculpture to be made. The studio is happy to take on projects anywhere in the world so long as it is safe, moral and with individuals open to the creative process.

All work is charged for, no concept of any project is proposed on the eventuality of a commission.


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